Thursday, May 15, 2008

Available, Busy,Linkin Park-Numb, Mommy! I passed.........

This topic has been widely analyzed many of them more than their most important work of the day. As soon as the day begins, the first thing that is being done is setting a status message for GTalk. The trend has become such that when i continue to have the same status message for 3 or more days I've been asked by my friends, "What happened da? Any problem?".

It has been said that Gtalk's status messages are being considered as the best local news provider. The pace at which a news get updated is such that BBC and Reuters could well use this as a reliable source of immediate news tracker. Once I got the feeling of watching a cricket match live from the instantaneously changing status message commentary of my friend. Even cricinfo couldn't keep up their pace of typing commentary.

The next has been the funny, catchy, humorous and thought-provoking quotes from various websites. Even the person who quoted wouldn't have repeated those more than once. Popularity of these quotes are evident from the way it has been echoed as punch dialogues in tamil and telugu movies. The situation might well change drastically such that a website may quote

"Once bitten twice shy" - Peter H. Almond, Blogger
"Twice bitten thrice cry" - Munisamy, Beggar

In between this, U can find the ultimate level status messages like "Busy", "Too Busy", "DND" etc. I can understand that Busy is to restrict urself to specific friends. But I dont understand the funda behind the other messages.

Finally, Last but not the least Gtalk was created as a chat application. But inspite of providing a comprehensive GUI, people still use the status message for chatting. One message says "Thank God, Its Friday" while the other one says "No use, Office on saturday too". Anyways all these comments holds good for "urs truly" too.Wat to do, even this post can be popularized only by giving its link in my status message. Anyways I always believe in the proverb "Be a Roman in Rome".