Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Concept Of Unlucky 13

13 (thirteen) is a natural number after 12 and before 14.

As everybody knows, 13 is regarded as the most unlucky number throughout the world(Except for a few). I was pretty eager to know about these as I was born on 13 of a month.On analyzing, it was found that an old story has been associated with this(As always a myth is associated with all these crap). It happened in Spain in the so called Before Christ period(the period where no history needs to be proved). In those periods all the kings of large dynasties had a common name followed by a roman number(Like Louis of France or the Edwards of England). Since, the common name is not that important in the context of the story, lets assume they were named King Arbit I,II etc.

Our Hero ( for some commercial essence) of the story is Mr.King Arbit XIII(13), who ruled over 13 cities with an army strength of 13000 and his that was 13 inches.I meant his foot. His only aim in life was to marry the daughter of another dynasty's king, King Arbito XIII (Since this common name too is irrelevant to the context of the story but a differentiation has to be made).

As usual, to marry a king's daughter they used to have some stupid games (which has been changed to mind games these days) and the winner "takes it all" type. Similarly here, it was a card game called Rummy (a game played with 13 cards each). And, our king with the sole aim of marrying her (those days this was the only job for kings unless ofcourse a war happened) decided to get into the groove.

Unfortunately,for our king there was no Wikipedia and hence no reference to rummy, lost badly like an Indian Olympic swimmer. Since, his only aim in life wasn't possible anymore (as there were no adidas taglines those days), our king killed King Arbito XIII, her daughter and then committed suicide. This information reached the dynasty which suggested "Our King lost in rummy because of the XIII card" (the obvious reason being, to hide the fact that he did not know how to play the game from the future generations). This information ultimately reached the people as "The King lost since the game was played with 13 cards".

And as generations passed, this information came into history as "In Dynasties such as Arbit and Arbito, XIII Kings were brutally killed by destiny". And whatever bad happened involving 13 was considered a continuation of this theory. So, like our cricketers blaming the pitch for their failures, the number 13 was accused for a ridiculous happening in history.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Available, Busy,Linkin Park-Numb, Mommy! I passed.........

This topic has been widely analyzed many of them more than their most important work of the day. As soon as the day begins, the first thing that is being done is setting a status message for GTalk. The trend has become such that when i continue to have the same status message for 3 or more days I've been asked by my friends, "What happened da? Any problem?".

It has been said that Gtalk's status messages are being considered as the best local news provider. The pace at which a news get updated is such that BBC and Reuters could well use this as a reliable source of immediate news tracker. Once I got the feeling of watching a cricket match live from the instantaneously changing status message commentary of my friend. Even cricinfo couldn't keep up their pace of typing commentary.

The next has been the funny, catchy, humorous and thought-provoking quotes from various websites. Even the person who quoted wouldn't have repeated those more than once. Popularity of these quotes are evident from the way it has been echoed as punch dialogues in tamil and telugu movies. The situation might well change drastically such that a website may quote

"Once bitten twice shy" - Peter H. Almond, Blogger
"Twice bitten thrice cry" - Munisamy, Beggar

In between this, U can find the ultimate level status messages like "Busy", "Too Busy", "DND" etc. I can understand that Busy is to restrict urself to specific friends. But I dont understand the funda behind the other messages.

Finally, Last but not the least Gtalk was created as a chat application. But inspite of providing a comprehensive GUI, people still use the status message for chatting. One message says "Thank God, Its Friday" while the other one says "No use, Office on saturday too". Anyways all these comments holds good for "urs truly" too.Wat to do, even this post can be popularized only by giving its link in my status message. Anyways I always believe in the proverb "Be a Roman in Rome".

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Final yr of coll life.................

Waking up at early morning 10 o clock, have a samosa and tea in pehelwaan tea stall, then come bak to browse for a while(of course, orkut), start playing cards with frds at 11( a game called 5 cards whch never ends), stop d game for a break at 12 30 and have lunch. At 1 come bak to continue d game, at 2 d game ends, go for a nap for a while, at 4 30 get up for a tea with snacks and go for a game of cricket, 6 30 game ends and take a bath. At 7 30 dinner awaiting, complete it, browse from 8 to 9 then start another game of cards, take a break at 11 30 to have a 2nd dinner in night canteen, come bak to continue d game, 12 30 game ends and start a conversation with a grp, chat till 2 or 3 till everybody feels sleepy and then go to bed.

This is probably one’s dream life and of course d life I experienced in my final yr of college in NITK. IF this gets bored we’ve d option of attending classes too.

These weird things happened during those days

· Frequent logins on orkut happened and once there appeared a message “Not more than 1000 logins per day”.

· 24*7 net was maximum used such that once a movie was downloaded for 3 continuous days, was seen for 3 mins by scrolling down and then was deleted in 3 seconds.

· Send a scrap to a friend in d next room “ machaan, where r u?” and he comes to ur room and says “machaan, I’m behind u”.

· Login into orkut and keep refreshing home page, suddenly there pops out a message from d refresh button “Enough!!, there is a limit for everything”

One never falls short of company in those days. Once I went to girl acting like a 1st yr student asking, “My seniors sent me to get ur bio data”. She gave her complete bio-data to me and asked, “where r ur seniors?” and I replied “Oh!! My seniors!! They’ve passed out already”.

If it was exam time, then it was d time for ultimate comedies. Once I was writing marketing management exam and as usual I slept in between d exam, d invigilator woke me up. I got up and said to him “Sir, can u wake me up after 10 mins, one question is pending for completion”.

Finally I know tht d next yr after this will feature d exact opposite type of life but still my fond memories of dis full-time fun environment will remain forever in my mind.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

When going gets tough, Tough gets going.......

D match between NITKmachanz (my team) and our favourite opponents is goin on. Of course, this is a cricket match. D last over of d match says our opponents need 6 runs of d last over.

Our captain discusses for a while with our vice captain to take a bold decision, giving d ball to me to bowl d final over. Wen I got d ball in my hand, I saw d 6 foot tall, 90 kilos weighing batsman and said to myself “AAha inniku rivet confirm”(a sense of fear). But as usual I gave a dominating smile and got ready for d 1st ball.

· 1st ball -- A good length delivery by which d batsman got beaten. My captain came to wake me up from d shock and acknowledge me “good one da. Keep goin d same way” . 6 runs from 5 balls

· 2nd ball – Another ripper delivery which ends up in d keeper’s hand undisturbed by d batsman. I can hear everybody’s voice in a resonance “gr8 one da…. One more of d same kind”. Now d batsman can lip read some words of sledging from my mouth as I’m on my top of confidence. 6 runs from 4 balls

· 3rd ball – A full paced full toss sent bak with d same pace above my head to reach d boundary in 0.876 nanoseconds. Now I can feel d vice versa sledging act with my confidence bak to negative. Captain comes to me and says “Don’t worry u can do it”. This is wat said as “Height of expecting d unexpected”. 2 runs from 3 balls

· 4th ball – A medium paced ball at a driving length outside d off – stump. Batsman drives perfectly to find d ball ending up in d fielder’s hand without smelling d ground. “oh ya, thts a wicket” and everybody in our team is rejoiced to see d danger man walking bak to d pavilion. Again a sense of shock prevailed over me which was overcome by seeing a hopeless batsman walking to d grease. 2 runs from 2 balls

· 5th ball – A good length ball hitting on d deck which returned to my hands comfortably. 2 runs from 1 ball

· 6th ball – Slightly over-pitched delivery, batsman swings his bat with gr8 power, meets up with d ball, ball flies high in d air, d elevation is too much, a fielder is ready near d boundary, now d ball comes down, everybody is watching d ball keenly, suddenly somebody calls me,I ignored once, and then twice, finally I turned bak to see my mom yelling “Even a beast doesn’t sleep more than 10 hrs, Get up from d bed useless fellow”.

About me

Ø Wen I was 6 months old, I was tied in a rope along with d window to ensure tht i dont do any mischief.

Ø Wen I was 14 months old, I drank 0.25 ltrs of ghee and pour 0.5 ltrs of oil on my head finally ending up in a frolicsome smile to make my angry-looking father smile for a while.

Ø Wen I was 2 yrs old, I fired up my cousin sister’s hair(whose 2 yrs elder to me) making her end up with a short hair cut.

So started my artful life with a lone question ahead of me – “Any chances of doing right things atleast from now onwards??”

I always had a dual mind over things to b done – “Whether I can do it in d rite way or else can I find any other short cut to complete it??”. Anyways I finally end up in messing up d completion of d job to b done. Some peculiar facts about me whose explanations are still to b framed by me

§ I always wanted to b “jack of all trades”. Never even bothered to b master of any of them

§ I plan things perfectly and never act according to them

§ I always wanted to get acknowledged for doing weird things such as bank robbery.

§ Being a bowler, I always dream of batting my team to victory(though I know it disproves probability law)

So with all these weird stuff I still wonder how I get goin in my day-to-day life. Worth to be mentioned, I always think words speak less than actions. Thts y I try to stimulate even a small misconception in to a big fight. Ha ha, thts a lil too much anyways.

So, finally if u want to spend a sleepless night thinking abt a frd(something lik “am I with a rite company?”) then “My doors are open for u”.

PS: All information contained in d above r not just a block of words. They guarantee to waste atleast a minute of ur valuable time.