Thursday, June 7, 2007

Final yr of coll life.................

Waking up at early morning 10 o clock, have a samosa and tea in pehelwaan tea stall, then come bak to browse for a while(of course, orkut), start playing cards with frds at 11( a game called 5 cards whch never ends), stop d game for a break at 12 30 and have lunch. At 1 come bak to continue d game, at 2 d game ends, go for a nap for a while, at 4 30 get up for a tea with snacks and go for a game of cricket, 6 30 game ends and take a bath. At 7 30 dinner awaiting, complete it, browse from 8 to 9 then start another game of cards, take a break at 11 30 to have a 2nd dinner in night canteen, come bak to continue d game, 12 30 game ends and start a conversation with a grp, chat till 2 or 3 till everybody feels sleepy and then go to bed.

This is probably one’s dream life and of course d life I experienced in my final yr of college in NITK. IF this gets bored we’ve d option of attending classes too.

These weird things happened during those days

· Frequent logins on orkut happened and once there appeared a message “Not more than 1000 logins per day”.

· 24*7 net was maximum used such that once a movie was downloaded for 3 continuous days, was seen for 3 mins by scrolling down and then was deleted in 3 seconds.

· Send a scrap to a friend in d next room “ machaan, where r u?” and he comes to ur room and says “machaan, I’m behind u”.

· Login into orkut and keep refreshing home page, suddenly there pops out a message from d refresh button “Enough!!, there is a limit for everything”

One never falls short of company in those days. Once I went to girl acting like a 1st yr student asking, “My seniors sent me to get ur bio data”. She gave her complete bio-data to me and asked, “where r ur seniors?” and I replied “Oh!! My seniors!! They’ve passed out already”.

If it was exam time, then it was d time for ultimate comedies. Once I was writing marketing management exam and as usual I slept in between d exam, d invigilator woke me up. I got up and said to him “Sir, can u wake me up after 10 mins, one question is pending for completion”.

Finally I know tht d next yr after this will feature d exact opposite type of life but still my fond memories of dis full-time fun environment will remain forever in my mind.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

When going gets tough, Tough gets going.......

D match between NITKmachanz (my team) and our favourite opponents is goin on. Of course, this is a cricket match. D last over of d match says our opponents need 6 runs of d last over.

Our captain discusses for a while with our vice captain to take a bold decision, giving d ball to me to bowl d final over. Wen I got d ball in my hand, I saw d 6 foot tall, 90 kilos weighing batsman and said to myself “AAha inniku rivet confirm”(a sense of fear). But as usual I gave a dominating smile and got ready for d 1st ball.

· 1st ball -- A good length delivery by which d batsman got beaten. My captain came to wake me up from d shock and acknowledge me “good one da. Keep goin d same way” . 6 runs from 5 balls

· 2nd ball – Another ripper delivery which ends up in d keeper’s hand undisturbed by d batsman. I can hear everybody’s voice in a resonance “gr8 one da…. One more of d same kind”. Now d batsman can lip read some words of sledging from my mouth as I’m on my top of confidence. 6 runs from 4 balls

· 3rd ball – A full paced full toss sent bak with d same pace above my head to reach d boundary in 0.876 nanoseconds. Now I can feel d vice versa sledging act with my confidence bak to negative. Captain comes to me and says “Don’t worry u can do it”. This is wat said as “Height of expecting d unexpected”. 2 runs from 3 balls

· 4th ball – A medium paced ball at a driving length outside d off – stump. Batsman drives perfectly to find d ball ending up in d fielder’s hand without smelling d ground. “oh ya, thts a wicket” and everybody in our team is rejoiced to see d danger man walking bak to d pavilion. Again a sense of shock prevailed over me which was overcome by seeing a hopeless batsman walking to d grease. 2 runs from 2 balls

· 5th ball – A good length ball hitting on d deck which returned to my hands comfortably. 2 runs from 1 ball

· 6th ball – Slightly over-pitched delivery, batsman swings his bat with gr8 power, meets up with d ball, ball flies high in d air, d elevation is too much, a fielder is ready near d boundary, now d ball comes down, everybody is watching d ball keenly, suddenly somebody calls me,I ignored once, and then twice, finally I turned bak to see my mom yelling “Even a beast doesn’t sleep more than 10 hrs, Get up from d bed useless fellow”.

About me

Ø Wen I was 6 months old, I was tied in a rope along with d window to ensure tht i dont do any mischief.

Ø Wen I was 14 months old, I drank 0.25 ltrs of ghee and pour 0.5 ltrs of oil on my head finally ending up in a frolicsome smile to make my angry-looking father smile for a while.

Ø Wen I was 2 yrs old, I fired up my cousin sister’s hair(whose 2 yrs elder to me) making her end up with a short hair cut.

So started my artful life with a lone question ahead of me – “Any chances of doing right things atleast from now onwards??”

I always had a dual mind over things to b done – “Whether I can do it in d rite way or else can I find any other short cut to complete it??”. Anyways I finally end up in messing up d completion of d job to b done. Some peculiar facts about me whose explanations are still to b framed by me

§ I always wanted to b “jack of all trades”. Never even bothered to b master of any of them

§ I plan things perfectly and never act according to them

§ I always wanted to get acknowledged for doing weird things such as bank robbery.

§ Being a bowler, I always dream of batting my team to victory(though I know it disproves probability law)

So with all these weird stuff I still wonder how I get goin in my day-to-day life. Worth to be mentioned, I always think words speak less than actions. Thts y I try to stimulate even a small misconception in to a big fight. Ha ha, thts a lil too much anyways.

So, finally if u want to spend a sleepless night thinking abt a frd(something lik “am I with a rite company?”) then “My doors are open for u”.

PS: All information contained in d above r not just a block of words. They guarantee to waste atleast a minute of ur valuable time.