Tuesday, June 5, 2007

When going gets tough, Tough gets going.......

D match between NITKmachanz (my team) and our favourite opponents is goin on. Of course, this is a cricket match. D last over of d match says our opponents need 6 runs of d last over.

Our captain discusses for a while with our vice captain to take a bold decision, giving d ball to me to bowl d final over. Wen I got d ball in my hand, I saw d 6 foot tall, 90 kilos weighing batsman and said to myself “AAha inniku rivet confirm”(a sense of fear). But as usual I gave a dominating smile and got ready for d 1st ball.

· 1st ball -- A good length delivery by which d batsman got beaten. My captain came to wake me up from d shock and acknowledge me “good one da. Keep goin d same way” . 6 runs from 5 balls

· 2nd ball – Another ripper delivery which ends up in d keeper’s hand undisturbed by d batsman. I can hear everybody’s voice in a resonance “gr8 one da…. One more of d same kind”. Now d batsman can lip read some words of sledging from my mouth as I’m on my top of confidence. 6 runs from 4 balls

· 3rd ball – A full paced full toss sent bak with d same pace above my head to reach d boundary in 0.876 nanoseconds. Now I can feel d vice versa sledging act with my confidence bak to negative. Captain comes to me and says “Don’t worry u can do it”. This is wat said as “Height of expecting d unexpected”. 2 runs from 3 balls

· 4th ball – A medium paced ball at a driving length outside d off – stump. Batsman drives perfectly to find d ball ending up in d fielder’s hand without smelling d ground. “oh ya, thts a wicket” and everybody in our team is rejoiced to see d danger man walking bak to d pavilion. Again a sense of shock prevailed over me which was overcome by seeing a hopeless batsman walking to d grease. 2 runs from 2 balls

· 5th ball – A good length ball hitting on d deck which returned to my hands comfortably. 2 runs from 1 ball

· 6th ball – Slightly over-pitched delivery, batsman swings his bat with gr8 power, meets up with d ball, ball flies high in d air, d elevation is too much, a fielder is ready near d boundary, now d ball comes down, everybody is watching d ball keenly, suddenly somebody calls me,I ignored once, and then twice, finally I turned bak to see my mom yelling “Even a beast doesn’t sleep more than 10 hrs, Get up from d bed useless fellow”.

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