Tuesday, June 5, 2007

About me

Ø Wen I was 6 months old, I was tied in a rope along with d window to ensure tht i dont do any mischief.

Ø Wen I was 14 months old, I drank 0.25 ltrs of ghee and pour 0.5 ltrs of oil on my head finally ending up in a frolicsome smile to make my angry-looking father smile for a while.

Ø Wen I was 2 yrs old, I fired up my cousin sister’s hair(whose 2 yrs elder to me) making her end up with a short hair cut.

So started my artful life with a lone question ahead of me – “Any chances of doing right things atleast from now onwards??”

I always had a dual mind over things to b done – “Whether I can do it in d rite way or else can I find any other short cut to complete it??”. Anyways I finally end up in messing up d completion of d job to b done. Some peculiar facts about me whose explanations are still to b framed by me

§ I always wanted to b “jack of all trades”. Never even bothered to b master of any of them

§ I plan things perfectly and never act according to them

§ I always wanted to get acknowledged for doing weird things such as bank robbery.

§ Being a bowler, I always dream of batting my team to victory(though I know it disproves probability law)

So with all these weird stuff I still wonder how I get goin in my day-to-day life. Worth to be mentioned, I always think words speak less than actions. Thts y I try to stimulate even a small misconception in to a big fight. Ha ha, thts a lil too much anyways.

So, finally if u want to spend a sleepless night thinking abt a frd(something lik “am I with a rite company?”) then “My doors are open for u”.

PS: All information contained in d above r not just a block of words. They guarantee to waste atleast a minute of ur valuable time.

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ss said...

pretty true! can never forget the ghee incident. so much fun we have had in spic nagar